Sonntag, 21. August 2011

Summertime is festivaltime

Good music coming out of hudge speaker boxes. A lot of people dancing to the dj's beats. The sun burns down and good mood everywhere. YES! You're at a music festival!

I was at the Echelon-Festival in the former US-caserne Bad Aibling yesterday. A lot of well-known minimal, electro, techno, etc. djs perform their music on two areas. The atmosphere was great. Thousands of music lovers were celebrating in the sun together. For the required cooling the organisation team has allocated a outdoor shower, which has been very frequented.
Let's come to the actual reason of this post. The festival-shirts. I make one for every festival I visit. This time I made on for me and my best friend, who has invited me to Echelon.

His t-shirt is purchased and painted with fabric color. For the motive I chose an elefant since he always says he wants to have a minielefant that is as tiny as a small dog. Crazy but that's why I like him. The elefant is surrounded by records to link the motive with electronic music.
My oversize top is sewed by myself because I could not find anywhere a top like this. I painted a monkey with a banana and a record on it. I really like my shirt and now I even have the autographs of 'Moonbootica' on it. Unfortunately I don't have a photo of this but the shirts where so dirty at the end of the day that we took them off.

 In the back I tied the top with a black piece of fabric togehther. The armholes are cut very widely so I have to wear another top under it.

By the way, the neckglace I am wearing is made according to a DIY on Maegan's blog.


  1. Both shirts look very cute. Maybe once you wash yours you could show it more upclose?

  2. cool!!! i love it!

    xoxo from rome