Sonntag, 22. Mai 2011

Let`s get it on

Hello everybody,
my name is Sonja and I've just graduated from school. Since I have a looooot of spare time now and don't want to hang around all the time, I started this blog. I want to show you some of my sewing-projects and hope to inspire you with some DIY.

To get startet I have a simple DIY for a denim skirt. I got this one from burdastyle and it's a great opportunity to turn something old into a modern piece of clothing.

You need: an old denim shirt, an about 5 cm broad elastic, thread and a sewing machine.

First cut off the bodypart of the shirt beginning from the point where the sleeves start. Then tack the center front where the two sides of the shirt meet.
After having finished this step you have to gather the topside of the skirt to hip measurement.
 Now take the elastic. It should have the length of your waist measurement. Sew the Elastic together at the small sides so that it builds a ring.
Sew the stretched elastic on the denim fabric. You should use a zigzag stitch because its more robust.

Tadaaaa, ready is your new skirt. Have fun sewing!

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