Freitag, 24. Juni 2011

New Stuff...

Yippie. Only 6 days left and then I go on holidays:)
Since my hair is now verry verry short and you can even see the scalp, I decided to make a new summer hat to be protected from sun. I used white linen for it. Actually, I' m thinking about wheter I should add some decorate it but I don't have any good ideas at the moment. And sometimes SIMPLE is simply better;)
Another one of Dad's trousers. :D This time it ended up as a knee-length skirt.

And this lether skirt has once been midi. Though I shortened it to mini because thats rather the way I want to wear it. I will make a clutch out of the rest of the skirt since I love this color.

Donnerstag, 16. Juni 2011

From Trousers to Dress

Hello everybody:)

I'm sorry for stopping posting for a while. But now I'm back and more motivated than ever:)
My dad has recently sorted out his wardrobe and gave some of his old suit trousers and jackets to me.
Here is the first trial to recycle an old trouser into a dress.

What you need: trousers, scissors, thread, tailor's chalk and needles

Ladder the inner seam of the trousers completely.
Put the trousers on like a dress and mark with pins the center front seam.
Make sure where you want your neckline to start and mark it aswell.

Mark the center front seam with tailor'chalk so that you know where you have to sew. (I took a biro because of the white feeding).
Having sewed the center front put on the dress agail and mark on the outer seam of the trousers where you want your arm holes. Ladder the seam between the tags and secure the ends with thread..
For the back of the dress turn it inside out and place it flatly on the table. Draw a line frow where the bow of the former pattern starts to the point, where you want to start the rear neckline. Sew the center back.
For the shoulder seams lie the front and rear trouser leg onto each other and fold the rear trouser leg like you can see in the picture. The seam should start at the upper end of the arm hole and end at a point you have to find out by trying the dress on.
This is the finished dress:)
I like it because of its balloony shape. I think you can wear it to work and to party.

Have fun trying it out! It takes only one hour.:)